An Historic Mexico City Street May Become a Highline-Style Urban Greenway A rendering of the proposed Cultural Corridor Chapultepec, which would create a layer of connective parkland atop on of Mexico City's most famous roadways. All images courtesy FR-EE. Turning abandoned railroad lines into urban walkways has helped … Read more on Curbed National

Understanding Mexico: Reading Between Mexico City's Urban Narratives Cities can often be conceived as an urban narrative expressing a national reality. They reflect a true image of the society that constructed them and frame the power logics imprinted upon their inhabitants interactions. The unconscious dialectic … Read more on Diplomatic Courier

Can multi-million-dollar makeover soften Mexico City's urban sprawl? MEXICO CITY — The plan is as big as this mammoth city: Turn a seedy metro hub into Mexico City's Times Square; clear swarms of feisty vendors and remodel the historic Alameda Central; illuminate the plazas and walkways of a park twice the size of New ……