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Mexican Teachers Once Again Take City Center of Mexican Capital Dissident teachers of the Oaxaca State Section 22 of the National Teacher's Union and members of the National Coordinator of Education Workers (CNTE) have paralyzed the city center of Mexico City, demanding from authorities the normalization of … Read more on teleSUR English

Mexico City Police Violently Crackdown on Occupying Teachers Oscar has reported from as many as 9 countries and more than 12 cities in US; his coverage includes TV reports, special reports and TV specials, not only covering social movements, politics and economics but environmental issues, culture and sports as … Read more on The Real…

Protesting Teachers Block Mexico City Airport MEXICO CITY—Thousands of teachers from a radical union faction Thursday blocked access to Mexico City's international airport for a second time in three weeks as they protested a newly passed law that requires teachers to undergo periodic evaluations, … Read more on Wall Street Journal

Striking teachers spawn chaos on Mexico City streets after losing fight to … MEXICO CITY — Thousands of striking teachers seized two of Mexico City's central thoroughfares on a double-pronged march to the president's residence Wednesday, spawning choking knots of traffic chaos after definitively losing their battle to block … Read more on Washington Post

Fighting Education Overhaul, Thousands of Teachers Disrupt Mexico City MEXICO CITY — Mexico's highly anticipated education overhaul program — intended to weed out poorly performing teachers, establish professional hiring standards and weaken the powerful teachers' union — is buckling under the tried-and-true tactic of … Read more on New York Times (blog)

Mexico teachers protest in capital over education reforms Thousands of teachers have rallied in Mexico City to protest against new education reforms passed by the Mexican Congress. The reforms would mean teachers having to take mandatory tests to keep their jobs or be offered promotions. This has angered … Read more on BBC News

Striking teachers snarl Mexico City traffic again Thousands of striking teachers strangled traffic in Mexico City on Wednesday, again causing chaos in the megalopolis to challenge one of President Enrique Pena Nieto's signature reforms. Some 3,000 teachers marched from the capital's historic Zocalo … Read more on GlobalPost

Mexico teachers, police clash outside Congress MEXICO CITY — Mexico's Chamber of Deputies has filed a complaint with federal prosecutors after teachers tried to break into a legislative session during a march against Mexico's education reform, according to a Tuesday statement by the lower house of … Read more on Macon Telegraph (blog)