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Mexico earthquake: Video captures early-warning alert before shaking Mexico City had 71 seconds of warning before shaking from a 7.2 earthquake about 200 miles away rumbled into the capital, thanks to central Mexico's 21-year-old early quake warning system, officials said Friday. It's a system that California still lacks. Read more on Los Angeles Times

Volcano's Rumbling Near Mexico City Prompts Higher Alert Status Popocatepetl, which means “smoking mountain” in the Aztec language, is located about 70 kilometers (43 miles) southeast of Mexico City. At 5,426 meters high, it's North America's second-tallest volcano, according to the Washington-based Smithsonian … Read more on Bloomberg

Mexico lowers alert level for simmering volcano MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Mexico has lowered the alert level for the Popocatepetl volcano near Mexico City four months after the simmering giant raised the alarm when it began spewing red-hot fragments of rock. The National Center for Disaster Prevention … Read more on Chicago Tribune