Steven Wilson ‘Luminol’ Live In Mexico City (HD) – Mexico City Video

Recorded live in Mexico City on 13th April, 2012 – Taken from the forthcoming live DVD/Blu-ray ‘Get All You Deserve’ which is set to be released 25th September. The special edition DVD/Blu-Ray/2 CD version is now available to pre-order from Burning Shed. Directed by Lasse Hoile. http
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 Responses to “Steven Wilson ‘Luminol’ Live In Mexico City (HD) – Mexico City Video”

  1. Carles Sitja says:

    Not with Porcupine Tree.

  2. Kingding6 says:

    The fact that marco can do a tour like this and then go right back to the aristocrats fucking boggles my mind. Such a brilliant musician.

  3. bababa4321 says:

    chouette morceau ! si effectivement c est le style du prochain album, ce sera un régal ^^

  4. edrahilpc says:

    Putain que c’est bon merci Mr Wilson

  5. Dennis Barakos says:

    Where did you get the idea that he will not be working with Porcupine Tree ” for the years to come, and possibly never again”? My understanding is they’re already working on their next album. SW always has 5 of 6 projects going on simultaneously!

  6. Alex Crosby says:

    it’s on his next album coming out ‘early 2013’. 😀

  7. cica2000 says:

    men on what record its this song i have insurgentes an grace for … and dont have this song ?

  8. cica2000 says:


  9. charlygardel says:

    Just had a huge proggasm. Huge.

  10. turdhat says:

    Hey, look at what Tool fans have had to deal with ! They only do an album every 5 years and their late aren’t they ? He has grown so much on his own it is uncanny. Compare his 1st solo effort to Grace or this tune.. No contest. I would miss PT not playing again for sure but if he is going to keep up what he has been doing I can not complain. Honestly, I only miss Gavin Harrison. I dont care if PT plays again but I do care if Wilson/Harrison plays again. Much more so.

  11. josseph85 says:

    there’s no words for 5:40

  12. pimtelman says:

    Nice smile after he gets the end ovasion. Unbelievable good band and Marco is not from this planet.

  13. dofty says:

    This sounds so eastern somehow, especially in the refrain. Love it!

  14. jgonzaleznicolini says:

    I NEED THAT RED SPECTOR BASS!!! Nick Beggs ftw!

  15. TheSodaCanCreeper says:

    When he announced that they would be playing a new song in the Seattle show, oh man. That was the best fucking moment right there.

  16. marsvalpro says:

    he sounds like shrek movie xD

  17. adriantkst says:

    Simplemente exquisito!

  18. ArsenicTheLegend says:

    Steven Wilson is a genius. My musical hero. His name will go down in history as one of the greatest of prog’s.

  19. Danucalov says:

    great job, flute guy!

  20. Danucalov says:

    when i saw it live, my mind was blown

  21. BENSHlN says:

    4:04 didn’t know Noomi Rapace has such an excellent music taste.

  22. Tordah90 says:

    Can’t wait for this record. Bring it on Wilson. Blow our minds one more time!

  23. ttiwband says:

    probably listened to this about 20 times in the last 24 hours

  24. rymcmanus says:

    I know progressive rock has somewhat of an infatuation with obscenely long songs, but for me this is a better song than Raider II. I loved Grace for Drowning, and now am even more excited for the next album, but in my opinion Raider II was a bit too indulgent, long, and drawn-out for what development actually happens in that song. This song is every bit as wacky, dynamic, and unique, but is much more exciting at least for me due to its denser nature (several transitions packed into 12 minutes).


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