Canasta – “Mexico City” Music Video – Mexico City Video

This is a music video for “Mexico City,” the first single from Canasta’s latest full-length, “The Fakeout, the Tease and the Breather.” It was conceived / directed by Eduardo Cintron and filmed throughout Chicago in April and June of 2011. To download the song for *free*, visit ! BAND: CANASTA Vocals / Bass: Matt Priest Violin / Vocals: Elizabeth Lindau Guitar / Vocals: Jeremy Beckford Piano / Vocals: Ryan Tracy Drums / Vocals: Brian Palmieri Keyboard / Vocals: Angie Ma Drums: Brian Palmieri CREW Director: Eduardo Cintron Producer: Tony Grossman Line Producer: Kipp Norman / Elephant Filmworks Director of Photography: Kyle Bainter Assistant Director: Eduardo Ortiz Romeu Assistant Director of Photography: Joseph Delhommer Gaffer: Spencer Rohan Gaffer: Silas Tyler Grip: Mike Pisani Grip: Tom O’Neill Production Assistant: Jon Hamblin Production Assistant: Tyler Kaschke Video Assistant: Melissa Mazenett Art Director: Reynaldo Delgado Art Director: Arlene Isenberg Stylist: Mallory Sabian Make-Up: Ashley Vest Set Carpenter: Floyd A Davis IV TALENT (IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE) Boyfriend: Matt Priest Girlfriend: Delia Baseman Boyfriend 2: Kipp Norman
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Canastamusic says:

    I’ve got the shoes right here; they’re black, squared-toed Steve Maddens. But otherwise, I don’t see any info as to a specific style. But the following three E-Bay item #’s are all basically pretty similar…


  2. 5lui5 says:

    What shoes is the dude wearing at 1:46? Been looking for a pair like those since forever it seems.

  3. Canastamusic says:

    Thanks again for the hospitality, SiD.  Can’t wait to get back and give trivia another shot…

  4. Canastamusic says:

    Ahhh… heh.

  5. urinine says:

    Psst URININE = SiD. So yeah, I caught you guys. 🙂

  6. Canastamusic says:

    $60, huh? Sounds pretty fair, I’d say. But how, exactly, do you intend to transfer the signature from your arm to the buyer?

  7. Canastamusic says:

    Hmmm, somehow, I missed this comment. And we were actually just in K.C. for a show a few weeks ago. Hopefully, the word of our visit somehow managed to reach you in time!

  8. Canastamusic says:

    Thanks anyway!

  9. GothixaFromDarkness says:

    Sorry ! I Cant Find it , but It’s a Ringtone O’ Msg =) !

  10. Canastamusic says:

    I want to hear what you’re talking about! Can you find the ringtone online and share it? I’m curious…

  11. GothixaFromDarkness says:

    If U’ve Nokia & In 0:50 u Thought Tht’s Ur Rington Too Thumbs UP ! =D

  12. monkeypunt1 says:


  13. eduardo138 says:

    Eduardo Ortiz-Romeu here, Assis. Director, Yes, money and logistics, that would be the ideal situation, but we could not get it this time…still, I think we deliver to connect you with all your descriptions above, glad you like it!

  14. jcSadOne says:

    Ahh… beautyfull city :). Lot of people from there watch me, so I think You too now ^^. Soo – if we keep the good work is there any chance You will drop by with visit? ;). Just kidding. But hey?! – it would be great to hear You live!

  15. Canastamusic says:

    Elizabeth from Canasta here – Thanks for spreading the word about the new video! I lived in Krakow for three months, so I’m thrilled about all our new Polish fans!!

  16. TheDarkize says:

    @jimarcin o ile wiem , to on nie ma takiego nicku , przypatrz się 😉

  17. acshandle says:


  18. kurwaNIEMAMnicku says:

    pozdrawiamy wizzu ! 😀 naprawdę, kawał dobrej muzyki !

  19. jrfuent says:

    Whoever posted it, thanks! Questions and comments. Having been to Mexico City (Mexico Distrito Federal as they call it) a zillion times I can relate to him talking about viewing the pyraminds (Teotihuacan). Also I identify with the “red eye flight” In my 20s I used to do that all the time, fly Sunday night red eye, and get to Chicago monday AM and go straight to work. I wish the video be taking in Mexico DF. I imagine the reason was money. Am i correct?


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